The epispot manual

v0.1.0.4-beta-3.3.2 for epispot v2.1.1

This manual is currently in development. Unlinked sections have not been created yet.

This is the official manual to the epispot package. It includes background information on the mathematical modeling of infectious diseases, the motivation behind the epispot package, a complete guide to using epispot and understanding its documentation, and a full explanation of the epispot development process. As epispot grows, this manual is subject to change and will be versioned on the GitHub repo. This current version of the manual is maintained at and ported to both HTML and PDF formats via GitBook.

Table of Contents

  1. Contributing Guidelines

  2. Credits

    • 4.1 Open-Source Policy

    • 4.2 Licensing

    • 4.3 Citations

    • 4.4 Idea & Inspiration

    • 4.5 Dependencies

    • 4.6 External Code Management Tools

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